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Why to buy from Woodsy?

Premium materials

We carefully select the manufacturing materials, from the type of wood to the type of paint and finish.


The product quality is our first goal,
we care about sizes and specs to provide you with the best experience.


For quality assurance,
you can return your product if you do not like the quality or if you change your mind.

Minimalist desk setup

We aim to create products that give the mihimalist desk setup with the premium wood look to your desk setup.

Maintenance guarantee

We guarantee the maintenance of products against defects of use, even after a period, and for a small fees.

Find modern furniture
solutions for your office

Enjoy rich, immersive sound in every room. Each speaker is carefully
hand tuned by our engineers to give you the best quality listening
experience in your space. Hear the difference.

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Desk Organization
& Office Accessories

Designed to be positioned up against
the wall on a shelf or side table.


asked questions

Yes, you can return the order, knowing that the allowed period for return is 15 days from the date of delivery of the purchase, provided that the product is in its original condition.
All you have to do to create a return request is to contact us through the email Woodsyeg@gmail.com or through our number +201010376264.

You will need to inform us of the following:
- Customer name
- Your order number or a copy of the invoice.
-Choosing the right place to receive the product
Woodsey's warranty policy protects you in the event of a defect in materials, design or workmanship after the purchase of the product. And on all products offered through us, the warranty will be repaired by us, or the product will be completely replaced in the event of a manufacturing defect.
We at Woodsey do our best to provide the latest products that suit the quality we offer and aim for, which you will find only with us.